To Pay Online Water Charges Follow Below Steps
Step 1: Click on "Pay Water Charges" link.

Step 2: The window will open for zones selection.

Step 3: Select your zone.

Step 4: Select search criteria to get consumer payment details.

Step 5: Once you selected search criteria, you can search consumer details by giving inputs like WardNo and ConsumerNo. OR WardNo and TapNo  OR OwnerName OR SequenceNo.

Step 6: Enter required inputs then click on "Search" button.

Step 7: You will get few details of owner  below the search button.

Step 8: Click "View" link then you will get history of particular consumer.

Step 9:At the bottom there is button like "Pay Online" click this link to pay online. Once you click, the page will redirect to selection of payment mode with few consumer details.

Step 10: Select payment mode then provide required inputs then click "Continue" button.

Step 11: Now page will redirect to payment gateway based on your selection. To proceed click on “Click here” link.

Step 12:  It will redirect to banking gateway where you need to conform your detail with OTP then click "Submit" button.

Step 13:If Payment successfull  you will get email statement and mobile SMS that you given and you can take payment receipt by clicking "Print" button that appear below.